Nautical Dinnerware

Seashell Bowls

All our seashell bowls are handmade with high fired porcelain clay. Oven, microwave, dishwasher safe and durable for everyday use. Each shell bowl is adorned with sculpted starfish and barnacles. Every pottery shell is unique just like sea shells on the beach.

Nautical Themed Pottery Bowls

Elegant, beautiful yet durable for everyday use, our pottery bowls bring the essence of the ocean to your dinnerware experience. Our nautical themed porcelain bowls are stackable for easy storage. The decor size starfish bowl has been a wedding gift favorite with the smaller...

Nautical Plates

Enhance your coastal dinnerware with handmade nautical plates. Our nautical plates give your table setting that fresh feel of the ocean and will delight your guests before the food is ready and they will still be talking about your plates after dinner is done. Handmade from high...

Nautical Coffee Mugs

Our Nautical Coffee Mugs are adored with their own barnacles and starfish, it's like being at the beach enjoying your coffee. Wrapping your hand around our pottery coffee mugs you can feel the barnacles and the starfish bring back memories of days at the sea shore. These coffee mugs love...

Nautical Trays & Pottery Platters

 The beauty of the ocean is captured in our pottery platters and nautical trays. Handmade from porcelain clay these trays and platters are elegant and durable for everyday use. Versatile as well, imagine a large ocean pottery platter adored with starfish,barnacles and with glazes...

Nautical Sinks

Presently we have two styles of nautical sinks. The largest sink is our Bear Claw for wider counter tops and our Clam Shell sink that works great for the narrower counter top. All our nautical sinks are made from high fired porcelain clay for beauty, elegance and durability. We supply a...

Nautical Dinnerware

Brought to life in a high fired porcelain clay body. Our nautical dinnerware line includes nautical plates, nautical coffee mugs,starfish bowls and nautical themed pottery bowls. Elegant and practical to enhance your coastal décor yet, safe and durable for everyday dinnerware use. Mussels and More Pottery is inspired by life on the seashore, the Seashell Bowls in various sizes and designs are replicas of shells on the beach. Such a wonderfull feeling when your friends are still talking about your nautical dinnerware days later.

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