Mussel Shell Bowl Large

nautical pottery dinnerware shell
nautical pottery dinnerware shell mussel shell dinnerware shell pottery mussel shell collection mussel shell bowls
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Product Description:

  Our Mussel Shell Bowl is wonderful for serving Steamed Mussels, a true delicacy classic. The inside of the dish is glazed in rich blues and sand glazes on a white background. Enjoy also the outside of the shell dish with its realistic clay barnacles, starfish and sea growth. Our nautical dinnerware Seashell Bowls are all individually handmade. They are food and oven safe so that wonderful foods can be baked and presented right in the shell. The Large Mussel Shell pairs up nice with our nautical plates and platters

Bring Nautical Dinnerware Into Your Home With Our Handmade Pottery Shell Bowls

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Additional information:

  • - 20.5 inches x  8.5 inches x 4 inches deep
  • - Made of high fired porcelain clay
  • - Oven, microwave and dishwasher safe

Gifting ???

 Going to a wedding ? Our large pottery shells are alway a hit. You will be giving a gift that will last a life time and could be passed down for generations. A special gift that will always bring the lucky couple back to their special day.

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