• pottery mussel shells
  • nautical pottery mugs
  • Ocean Platters
  • pottery dip shells

Nautical Collections

If you are new to Mussels and More this is a great place to start. We have put these collections together with the wisdom of what sells well together over the years, but is not written in stone. The collection pictures were taken on ...

Seashell Bowls

The Seashell Bowls are our best sellers, all sizes of the Mussels and the Oyster shells sell the best with the other shell design right behind them. Depending on what color palette works best in your area will help you ...

Nautical Bowls

 The Nautical Bowl collection has does very well, it sets the bar at many weddings as the best gift and the most talked about gift as well. It's a great setup gift for your customers as well. Here's what I mean, they buy a large or a small ...

Nautical Plates

The Nautical Plates are not top sellers, they do sell more as a single serving tray and from time to time will will have stores call us needing a complete dinnerware set.

Set your table with our Nautical Plates and bring the essence and the beauty ...

Nautical Coffee Mugs

I would never had thought that a Nautical Coffee Mug that retails for just under 50 bucks would sell so well. Going on 15 years of making this gem and sales are strong. I think it's because it is a really nice mug :) 

Nautical Tray & Platters

The Nautical Trays and Platters also great gifts for your customers to give. This year we have several new products, the Fish Platter and two sizes of the Ocean Platter. Imagine the joy your customers are going to feel when they give one of these platters as gifts.