Who are US ?

Mussels and More Pottery is a family run business. It started many years ago with Jan's love for throwing clay on the pottery wheel. It has grown to employ myself (Mike, Jan's husband) our daughter Erin and her fiance Blair.

Jan on making design

Jan has been a self-taught potter for over 30 years. In the early days, Jan lived and worked from her studio, which was built onthe deck of an old rock loading barge. An immense floating home, this barge measured 100' by 32' and once worked the waters off the Wild Pacific Coastline. During her 8 years living in this unque style on the water, Jan was acquainted with Mike, then a commercial fisherman. Mike would occasionally come by in his fish boat, and tie up to the barge for a quick cup of tea and a visit. Little did they know, that he would later become her husband and business partner. Jan originally designed her unique Mussels Shell with the hope that one day she would develop a line of pottery seashells that would be both functional as well as decorative for people's homes. She thought, "What fun it would be...to bake and serve food from a giant clay shell!"

After years of hard work, single motherhood and selling her art at smaller festivals and fairs, the real turning point for the business came 15 years ago when she married Mike. Their unique partnership and vision for something bigger and better threw them into years of trial and error and success. Initially the business began with Jan's pottery wheel in their kitchen, and pottery drying all over the house on any flat available space. It was quite a scenario, the family with two children immersed in the complex and fragile world of drying greenware every where! Innovative thinking, ingenuity, and some risk taking have led to maney exciting and busy years. Still the business continues to grow; and today Jan and Mike conduct all aspects of their business in an 11,000 sq ft building which they bought and renovated.

Jan and Mike live and work in the beautiful town of Campbell River, BC Canada. When not working they can be found boating and fishing around their West Coast waters.

Artist Jan Sell with husband Mike with Ling Cod caught in Seymour Narrows (home to Ripple Rock) BC Canada.